We know racism is a serious crime in the UK but did you ever wonder or got curious to know more about such a person involved in such a crime or perhaps more?

We got really curious about a person named Aram Papikyan based in Sussex Heights, Brighton, UK who has been involved with such crimes and more.

Aram Papikyan is a 46 years old man with Russian roots and he was the building manager for the “Sussex Heights” in Brighton, UK.

He was in the managerial job for around 9 years and in this tenure, he committed a series of serious crimes that we would like to bring to the light.

He not only stole the building’s money to have a luxurious life involving fancy restaurants but he also stole over £70,000 to hire expensive lawyers to harass the building residents.

He was also involved in installing secret recording devices around the and in the buildings so that he would spy on residents.

What more? Read on this curious case.

On the camera footage of the building, he was seen attacking a resident in the same building.

And this person is a racist as well. How do we know? Well, he was clearly seen saying that all the brown skinned residents were “coming to dirty up the building”. He also harassed an Indian lady employee in a racist way and illegally fired her. You can find her email to residents after she was fired in 2020 here.

This person did not stop right there and started an illegal gay massage parlour based in this apartment in the building which attracted dangerous people to the building who frequently visited him at night to avail his services. He started dealing with drugs as well which in turn caused an influx of more dangerous people to the building.

Complete details of the person:

Address: 18D Sussex Heights, Brighton, BN1 2FQ, United Kingdom

Phone Number: 07985248018

Email: [email protected]

He is active on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Be sure to stay away from people such as Aram and stay safe!

Racism Laws in the UK

Racism laws in the UK have a long history. The first racist acts were passed in the early nineteenth century. The Race Relations Act of 1965 outlawed public discrimination, and the government created the Race Relations Board. Later, the Act outlawed racial discrimination in employment, housing, and social services. The Commission for Racial Equality was formed in the late twentieth century and is responsible for enforcing these laws. Although black people have been living in the UK for centuries, they have only begun to settle here in large numbers within the last 60 years. Today, black people comprise more than 1% of the population.

Racism in the UK was first illegal in 1976 after the report on the Stephen Lawrence murder. This investigation revealed that police officers were racist and racially discriminatory. But despite the act’s introduction, racial discrimination continued to be widespread in many aspects of life. This led to a series of other discriminatory acts. The 1968 Race Relations Act made discrimination based on race or ethnicity illegal, and in the following year, the Human Rights Act came into effect.

The UK has strict laws on racial discrimination. In 1965, the first Race Relations Act was passed. These laws were passed to make it clear that all people were entitled to equal treatment. The race council of Wales, the national body for the black community in Wales, spearheaded the implementation of these laws. The first Race Relations Act was introduced as early as 1965, when there were approximately 1 million immigrants in the UK. These acts made the legal right to equal treatment clearer than it had ever been.

In 1967, the Race Relations Act was passed by the UK Parliament, which was pushed through by the Communist Party and the Museum of London. This act was a direct response to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry into the racially motivated murder of a black teenager. It also highlighted the extent of institutional and police racism in the country. The Government responded by extending the Race Relations Act to the public sector, including the NHS. The move to enforce the Act was a great step in tackling racial discrimination in the UK.

The race laws in the UK have evolved over time. Historically, the UK has had a history of racial discrimination against people of colour. The Race Relations Act of 1968 was passed by the Labour government and banned advertisements that promote discrimination against people of different races. This act was also the first to include the police. Since then, laws against racism have not changed much. However, in the past decade, the UK has passed the Equality Act, which covers race, gender, and disability as criteria for discrimination.

In the UK, the Race Relations Act was enacted in 1965. It was the first law to combat racial discrimination. Its purpose was to make the legal rights of people of all races equal. The Race Relations Act also bans the use of racial symbols in advertising. In the UK, it is illegal to discriminate against people of different races. This law was introduced as a result of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry.