The Facility Guidelines Institute funded this study. Simon Fraser University (SFU) was selected for the project, Habib Chaudhury, PhD, Assistant Professor, Gerontology Programs and Research Centre is the principal investigator.

The research questions to be addressed are:

  • In depth literature review, analysis and annotated bibliography
  • Comparative assessment and synthesis of first costs for multiple patterns of patient room configurations Pilot study: comparative assessment of first cost and operational costs of single and multiple occupancy patient rooms
  • This is a large subject and the funding for the CHER effort is limited. The research team has been asked to concentrate on issues of first cost and a comprehensive review of literature concerning single and double bed rooms. Other areas will be address as funds permit.

Coming This Fall
The research team has a deadline of November 30, 2003 and reportedly they are on target to meet this goal. The CHER Research Council will review the submission prior to starting the publication process.

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